💻Using FireCut

There are a few app-wide features helpful to know about when using FireCut:

FireCut's main menu is the "home" page for the plugin. It shows:

  • Buttons for different features

  • Button for the Settings menu

  • At the top: a link to FireCut's homepage, an "Undo" button, a "Reload plugin" button, and (when an update is available) an "Update" button

Settings menu

The Settings menu is used for verifying your license key and managing any app-wide settings.


The Undo button gives you a way to roll back any changes made by a FireCut feature.

It will save a copy of your sequence before operations like removing silences. If you wish to undo the operation, just click on "Undo" at the top of FireCut and confirm. Please note: Using Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z for rolling back FireCut operations is not recommended. The "Undo" button is the most reliable way of rolling back these changes.

Reload plugin

The Reload plugin button is a convenient way to abort / reset the plugin in case you run into any issues.

You should not need to use this button often, but it can be helpful in case the plugin freezes / crashes, or is causing any issues with your timeline. It has the same effect as closing the plugin window and re-opening it from Window > Extensions > FireCut.

Update to the latest version

FireCut will show you when a version update is available.

Just click this button and FireCut will download the latest installer file (.exe or .pkg, depending on your platform). The installation works the same as how you installed FireCut the first time; it will just replace the old version. Run the installed and restart Premiere Pro to start using the latest version.

If this method doesn't work or you would prefer to use a different installation method, you can always find the latest FireCut installers in your dashboard.

Share feedback

At FireCut, we love feedback so much that we built a super easy way to share it without leaving Premiere Pro!

The "Share feedback" menu lets you report bugs, request new features and share any other feedback directly from Premiere Pro. Your feedback goes straight to our public feedback board hosted at Canny (link).

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