🗣️Remove filler words

❓ What is it?

Remove filler words helps you find words like "umm" and "uhh" in your sequence that are typically unwanted, and then helps you cut them out.

🤔 How does it work?

This feature:

  • Finds the filler words in your sequence

  • Shows these filler words in context of the rest of your sequence. You can right-click words to select/deselect them for deletion

  • Lets you place markers in the sequence where these words occur, if you only want to mark them and double check them later

  • Lets you cut them out automatically

⚙️ Settings

There are two main settings:

  1. Filler words guidance audio tracks: The audio tracks you want FireCut to listen to for filler words. Whenever all of these tracks are silent, that portion of the sequence will be marked for cutting.

  2. Scope: You can decide whether to run the operation on your Full sequence or only on a certain portion that you specify with In / Out points (you can place these in your sequence using the I and O hotkeys)

💡 Tips for best outcomes

  • Make sure your audio does not have long silences, and any music / sound effects are muted

  • Remove any repetitions first, as FireCut might not transcribe multiple instances of the same text

  • Feel free to work in the timeline, while FireCut is processing your audio -- however, changing the timing of your clips might cause the transcription to be misaligned (FireCut's transcription follows your sequence's timecode, not individual clips)

🙋‍♂️ Common questions, issues, watch-outs

  • "It did not find all the filler words" ->

    • This feature is currently in beta and might miss some instances of filler words. If you do find that the detection is not accurate, please report it to us so we can fix it :) -> support@firecut.ai

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