📺Find B-roll

❓ What is it?

FireCut can automatically find stock footage to use in your video based on its content.

🤔 How does it work?

The "Find B-rolls" feature:

  • Transcribes your video

  • Determines the best search terms for finding stock footage, based on the content of your video

  • Searches your chosen stock footage library, and downloads and inserts these automatically

  • Lets you review the chosen clips and swap them out with alternatives

⚙️ Settings

There are 6 main settings:

  1. B-roll frequency: Similar to the frequency in the "Add zooms" feature, this lets you decide how often you want a B-roll clip to be placed in your sequence. The default is to add a new clip every 10 seconds.

  2. Method: As this is a new feature, we are experimenting with different methods for finding the best stock footage. If you are unsure of what the options mean, just go with the default setting here.

  3. Library: Which stock footage library to use.

  4. Match sequence orientation: Selecting this option will force FireCut to only search for stock footage that matches your sequence's orientation, i.e. if you are making a short-form video in vertical orientation, it will only look for vertical stock footage, so that you don't end up stretching a horizontal clip to fit your sequence. Please note that this will reduce the variety of clips.

  5. Scope: You can decide whether to run the operation on your Full sequence or only on a certain portion that you specify with In / Out points (you can place these in your sequence using the I and O hotkeys).

  6. Save location: Where on your device to save your downloaded B-roll footage.

💡 Tips for best outcomes

  • Make sure your audio does not have long silences, and any music / sound effects are muted

  • Remove any repetitions first, as FireCut might not transcribe multiple instances of the same text

  • Feel free to work in the timeline, while FireCut is processing your audio -- however, changing the timing of your clips might cause the transcription to be misaligned (FireCut's transcription follows your sequence's timecode, not individual clips)

🙋‍♂️ Common questions, issues, watch-outs

  • "The stock footage was not relevant to the video" -->

    • Please fill in the survey that opens after you run this feature. It is still a beta feature and needs your feedback in order to improve

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