🔥What is FireCut?

FireCut is an Adobe Premiere Pro plugin that automates the boring stuff so you can spend your energy on the interesting stuff. Our goal is to get you to your first cut in minutes, not hours.

With FireCut, you can remove silences from raw footage, detect chapters in your video, remove repetition (multiple takes of the script), edit multi-track videos like podcasts, and much more...

📖 How to use these docs

A lot of FireCut features will be obvious to you as an editor.

These docs will:

  • Introduce all the features including the less obvious ones

  • Show you best practices for getting the most out of them (and avoiding pitfalls!)

Note: FireCut is developing at a rapid-fire pace, so these docs might occasionally be slightly outdated on the newest features. If you have any questions, message us on Discord, webchat or email.

🙏 One request: Please share feedback

FireCut was built hand-in-hand with video editors, and we've had beta testers from week 1 of development. This has been integral to building the tool we have today.

As you use FireCut, please share your feedback -- and in return, I promise to do my best to implement your suggestions!

Happy editing :)

Suhail Idrees Founder, FireCut AI

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