Setting up FireCut
I installed FireCut, but it's nowhere on my desktop
FireCut is a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro 2022+ and so it requires this software in order to run.
If you'd like to use FireCut with other editing tools such as Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve, please sign up to FireCut Desktop (it's currently free while in beta!)
I installed FireCut, but the Window > Extensions menu in Premiere Pro is greyed out
Try opening a project. The Window menu is only available if a project is open in Premiere Pro.
I installed FireCut, but nothing happens when I click on Window > Extensions > FireCut
Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of FireCut.
  • To uninstall, follow the instructions here
  • To install the latest version, get it from the downloads page
I can't download the FireCut installer for Mac (.pkg)
There is a reported issue in downloading the .pkg installer file on Firefox which shows the code on the screen instead of downloading the file. Please try Chrome or another browser instead (you can use this link to avoid signing in:
I purchased a license key but it doesn't show up in my dashboard
If you went through a Stripe checkout page, but don't see a license key in your dashboard then it's usually one of 2 issues:
  • (1) The license keys table is missing: Your browser is blocking the license key from being displayed --> Try a different browser OR reduce the screen size to force your browser to show the mobile version of the page
  • (2) You get shown the pricing page again in your dashboard: Either your transaction didn't go through (more likely), or we had an issue processing the confirmation message from Stripe (technically possible, but very unlikely) --> Please ensure you entered the correct details on the Stripe checkout page, and saw a confirmation message that the details were accepted. If no luck, email [email protected]
How do I change my subscription (e.g. change from Starter to Pro, cancel, etc.)?
Go to your dashboard and click on the Manage button shown next to your license key.
Where do I share feedback, feature requests, issues, etc.?
There are multiple ways to do this so there's no excuse not to share :)
  • Message in our Discord server (link in your dashboard)
  • Use the "Share feedback" button inside the FireCut panel (in Premiere Pro)


How can I edit captions created with FireCut?
FireCut creates captions as PNG images. In order to edit any captions, simply select the clip(s) you want to edit, and then in FireCut click Add captions > Edit selected captions
This will load up the selected captions into the editing panel. If you want to load the full transcript, just click Load full transcript
You are now free to make any changes in this panel. To update the captions, click Add styled captions to sequence. This will add the updated captions in a new track to ensure your original captions are not over-written or affected in any way.
My caption clips have diagonal stripes / are not rendering
This occasionally happens if you re-open a project that contains FireCut styled captions, and is usually caused by Premiere not opening the caption image files correctly.
The fix is simple (see 2 min video)
  1. 1.
    Right-click one of the caption clips that has those diagonal stripes > Reveal in Project
  2. 2.
    This will show the clip in the Project panel, and also open the Bin this clip sits inside. Now, in the Project panel, select ALL the caption clips in the opened Bin with Ctrl+A or Cmd+A (no need to do them one-by-one!) and then Right-click > Modify > Interpret footage...
  3. 3.
    Then click OK without making any changes
This forces Premiere Pro to re-ingest the clips and open them correctly.


I would like to share it with my audience. Can I partner with you?
Yes! Email [email protected]
How can I stay up to date on new and upcoming features?
The best way is to read our newsletter. You should get this if you are signed up for a plan, please do check your spam folder if you can't find an email (we typically email weekly).